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There’d be no US without YOU

Hey guys! Jess here 🥰 So, if we’re being honest here I must have started and erased this VERY FIRST blog post at least 15 times! There’s simply so much we want to share with you all and my brain simply couldn’t choose where to start. After literally weeks of pondering i finally figured out exactly what I wanted to talk about in this post. The most important part of our beautiful salon, YOU! And yes, I’m sure you all think I’m just saying that to flatter you but it’s the honest truth. We’ve created this safe space for all of you and without you we wouldn’t have this beautiful dream to be grateful for. You haven’t only supported our dream but you’ve all been a part of the GROWTH of it! We started with four walls and with your help and patience we added a whole lot of love and creativity inside of them. When you ask me about my daughters, my heart smiles. When you remember Melissa’s favorite drink and surprise her with it, it brightens her day. These simple things matter to us! We love being able to heal your hair and soul, but you heal ours too! The laughter, the hugs, the tears and all the moments in between are so incredibly important to us. Watching the interaction unfold not only between us and our clients but then our clients with each other is so magical. It reminds us that we did it! We created a space that so many DIFFERENT women feel comfortable in. So although thank you simply doesn’t feel like enough, THANK YOU!!!

Over the next few weeks we’re going to post about some of our favorite ✨salon✨ things but until then enjoy some of our favorite salon moments over the years that show just how much you’ve also impacted US!

✨Melissa’s moments ✨

When Jess and I first decided to open our own salon we were so nervous and terrified! Even though we knew we had made the right decision, there are always those fears and anxieties in the back of your mind. We made our Hair Magic Studio Facebook account, and planned exactly what day and time we would make our announcement sharing our exciting news. We were each at our houses on the phone with each other and said "Alright it's time! One... Two... Three... Post!" We also started texting all our regular clients as all of the love came pouring in. So many comments and messages that it was honestly overwhelming and hard to keep up with! I do remember one response in particular from my client Melodie. I had been doing her hair for awhile at this point, and I swear she sounded even more excited than we were! "I am sooooo proud of you and soooo happy for you! Go ON with your bad self!!! That is so AWESOME! OMGOMGOMG! I can't wait to see it!" After giving her a few more details about our space, she told me again how incredibly proud of me she was. To this day, over a year after opening, she makes sure to tell me every single time how amazing of a job we're doing and how incredibly PROUD of me she is. This may seem like such a simple thing to tell someone, but after losing my mom a few years back, I miss the constant reassurance and motherly energy. There really is nothing like being praised and appreciated, especially from someone who has seen you grow and flourish. I know my mama is proud of me, but since I can't physically hear her say it, this sweet client of mine has definitely filled that void. Sometimes even saying it with tears in her eyes. I am so honored to have her here on the journey with us!

I have a really sweet client named Taylor that I first met back when I worked at Haircuttery. I don't see her often as she has more of a low maintenance color, but every time I do see her we are always laughing and having a great time. She is very special to me because at the beginning of my career, I did my first ever balayage on her! The first one that I was super proud of anyways :) I remember posting the photos and her hair went somewhat viral, and a lot of other clients would bring in her photo as an inspiration picture which definitely helped boost my confidence. In future visits she would end up chopping it off, adding purple, and much more. She was always a pleasure to have in the salon! One day I check my phone and received this text from her:

"Hey Melissa, It's Taylor. This isn't about a hair appointment, I just wanted you to know that having you do my hair the last few years you have inspired me to start my career and go to school for an esthetician's license. You are an amazing styling and your personality and professionalism has pushed me to want to better myself and work towards a career. You are awesome and congratulations to you on Jess on Hair Magic!!"

Yes, that is the exact text word for word, and I know that because I was so touched that I screenshotted in and I still keep the screenshot saved in my phone. Messages like this... THIS Is why I do what I do. It's always been about more than just hair, It's about the person sitting in the chair. If I can inspire you, give you advice, or even just make you laugh to brighten your day, that's what it's all about for me. I never forget all the special interactions every single day with the women who chose me to help fix their crown. It will never get old and it will always be an honor!

✨Jess’s moments ✨

For what seems like forever now (really five to six years?) I’ve had the pleasure of doing one of my sweet clients hair. Which, if we’re being honest, has become much more than just doing her hair! Ms. Leyla first started coming to me when she was still in middle school. I had no idea at the time how much this sweet (and sassy) little middle schooler would mean to me and yet here we are, today she leaves for college! Over the years we have laughed countless times, cried, vented and she has worried me like she was my own little sister!!! I’ve watched her grow into this beautiful, independent woman and it tugs at my heart! In fact, we chose our oldest daughters school because Leyla and her mom spoke so highly of it. When it boils down to it, i really have her sweet mama to thank. Not only did she trust me with her beautiful hair but more importantly, with her beautiful daughter! What started out as something so simple has completely changed my life in an unpredictable domino effect. As Leyla takes off to start college all the way in the beautiful state of Hawaii I hope she knows that she’s become more like extended family to me. That no matter how far away we’re always here for a laugh, or a cry. Hair Magic studio was created with our clients in mind from day one and we hope we will forever be a safe space for all who walk through the door. 💕✨

Leyla- When you read this know that Melissa and I are cheering you on from back home, always. We know that you will do such great things and can’t wait to hear all the exciting stories! Sending all the hugs your way 🥰

My second client that I chose to talk about has absolutely left an impression on my heart, as well. Kelly came to me years ago for a haircut and has since trusted me with her friends, family and anyone who asked about her beautiful hair! Now while I love her for simply being her she changed our life in a HUGE way! You see, for about three years we had been trying to purchase our first home. We either picked terrible financial advisors, terrible loan companies or there simply wasn’t anything worth purchasing. Kelly not only turned us onto our new home but she even hooked us up with the accountant that helped her purchase her home. She was phenomenal! She was a complete pit bull and was extremely honest from start to finish of the entire experience. I really don’t think we would be in our beautiful home today if it wasn’t for Kelly or Ellen. I love that Kelly has loved her hair all of these years but I equally love that she cared enough about my family and I to help. It’s something that may seem so small and simple to her, or others, but it simply means the world to my family! Thank you Kelly for having such an impact on our lives, we love being your neighbor and we love our beautiful home.

While we only posted a few memories each today we plan to absolutely post more in the future! Letting our clients know that they are important to us is something that we absolutely cherish. Thank you for following us on this magical journey. We have so much love and gratitude for each and everyone of you. Some of you have been with us since day one and others we’ve just recently been blessed with but EVERY SINGLE ONE of you is important to us.

Until next time, stay healthy, happy & magical

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04 sept 2021

Omg I'm so honored to be thought of in such a way. Thank you.

I couldn't be any prouder of the two of you. You guys had a dream and you made it happen!! In the middle of a pandemic!!! and you're thriving! You've created a calm, welcoming, and beautiful space that I look forward to coming to. And I get to spend time with you guys here. Love it and love you both!!

P.s. and you have chairs!! 🤣🤣🤣

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